Blackbook Social Club’s priority is to make sure all of the music is custom tailored to your taste, because it’s your special day and we want everything to be perfect for you and your guests. We always make sure to include all of your must-play songs and avoid your do-not-play songs.

The mission is simple: Provide the best possible music on quality sound equipment to make sure you have the most memorable party of your life. 

Our DJs mix music in a seamless fashion for the best dancing experience and provide no barriers on what they will play at your corporate event or wedding. We act as background coordinators that will support your vendors, making sure the timeline is kept on track and the party moves smoothly. We only use the microphone to direct the timeline and make important announcements…Otherwise, we let the music do the talking.

Blackbook Social Club specializes in corporate events as well as contemporary and non-traditional weddings.  We provide real DJs to mix all your favorite music and customize playlists according to your taste for the perfect evening.